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Monday, August 12, 2013

Appeon 2013 - EBF Released

** Hot News **
Appeon Web & Mobile EBF #0193

    August 02, 2013 - Appeon Corporation is excited to announce that the Appeon Web & Mobile EBF #0193 is now available. In addition to the fixes designed to address reported problems, this release contains some feature enhancements and new functionality as well. Appeon also spent significant time optimizing the core features of Appeon 2013! Specifically ...

Feature Enhancements:
  • (Appeon Web) IE 10: Make the Web application more compatible with the IE 10 browser.  
  •  (Appeon Mobile) String functions: Provide a configurable Charset mapping function in Appeon Developer, to eliminates the errors when there is double-byte character handling involved in mobile applications, because of the different character encoding in handling double-byte Charset between iOS and Windows.  You may need to use this function, if your mobile application uses any string function that ends with “A”.
New Features
  • (Appeon Mobile) iOS Map API: Enables developers to build web applications with feature rich, interactive iOS maps.
  • (Appeon Web) Client Log Files : Adding Client Log functions for Appeon Web solution to help debugging/troubleshooting client side issues.
  • (Both Web & Mobile) Stored Procedure Update: Support using Stored Procedure to update the database.
Bug Fixes
  • For users with the Appeon 2013 product already installed and valid support agreement, you can download the software by clicking here!

Regards ... Chris

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