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Monday, November 18, 2013

Appeon Mobile 2.0 Beta

** Hot News **

Appeon Mobile 2.0 Beta1 Released!

     Appeon Corporation is pleased to announce Appeon Mobile 2.0 Beta – Round 1 (V1) of testing is now available! In this release, the big feature announcement is for the support of  “Android” based devices. Now developers can easily and quickly build native Mobile apps from PowerBuilder with native device performance for cross- OS platforms, including Apple iOS and Google Android, without the hassle-free rewriting found in other vendors solutions!

     Last year, Appeon built Appeon Mobile for iOS devices, which has now been tested by nearly 1,000 companies worldwide. This was Appeon's first step into the world of mobile and they were thrilled with the reception. Now, with these proven design patterns and framework features, from Appeon Mobile to support for Web on both major mobile platforms - it’s the perfect fit for building native cross-platform mobile apps with only one deployment.

    Appeon encourages you to register for the beta program and evaluate this program for yourself. As an early adopter, you will not only have the opportunity to interact with Appeon engineers very closely but also influence what the final release will look like as well as the product roadmap. The future is full of possibilities, and we look forward to your success.

    Appeon would also love to have a look at the apps you’ve created! Sharing your apps will help inspire other PowerBuilder developers and further the development of Appeon Mobile.

   To get updates on Appeon beta news as well as training session, stay tuned to us via Appeon Beta Center.
Appeon Corporation
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