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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

PB Survey 2014

** Hot News **

PowerBuilder Worldwide Survey 2014

Tell SAP What You Want for PowerBuilder
In 2013, Novalys had several meetings with SAP Management and answered some questions they had about the short term needs of PowerBuilder Shops. Following a number of discussions between the PB community and SAP, PowerBuilder 15 beta was released.

These meetings opened a discussion about the future of PowerBuilder. With the 2014 survey, you can send SAP a snapshot of what you doing with PB today, and what your most urgent needs are.

After filling out the 2014 survey,  you will have access to the 2013 survey information and you'll learn more about:

  • The architecture of current & future PB Apps (Client/Server, Web, Mobile...)
  • The use of PowerBuilder versions: Who’s still using PB9/10? Who has moved to PB12.5.x?
  • The most awaited developments in PB!

Have Your Say
Tell us about your PowerBuilder usage and expectations, and help guide the future of PowerBuilder.

Submit your answer and access the previous results!

Thank you for supporting the PB Community!  

Regards ... Chris

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