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Monday, July 14, 2014

SCN - PB Discrimination

Discriminating Against the PowerBuilder Community

What the %$^#* is SAP's doing?

  It has been an ever frustrating set of events for the PowerBuilder Community and ever saddening state of affairs since SAP took over Sybase and transferred the News Groups and moved the PB community over to their SAP Community Network (SCN) system! I say this because the SCN moderators have consistently suppressed key & useful information about the PowerBuilder product. I say this from first hand experience and in talking with other SCN users in the PowerBuilder Developer Centre section of SCN. We have all seen our information posts delayed, dropped, and hidden.

  Most of the SCN postings that have been dropped have been about User Group events, ISUG events & news, free open source product initiatives, 3rd party products, PB community news, correct answers to questions (this one still boggles my mind), helpful hints on using PB, constructive criticism of PB features, suggestions of product improvement and many other areas of general interest to the PB community.

This suppression of PowerBuilder product information, constructive criticism, pertinent questions  on PB product direction has now reached an all time high in 2014. I am personally deeply saddened with SAP's blatant attacks on the relevant PB news items in SCN. This kind of childish behaviour reflects poorly on SAP in general.

  I personally, seem to get many postings deleted as I am about to take over the top spot in the SCN rankings. Interestingly enough, the postings that get deleted are often over 1 year old at that time. Come ON - these postings have been around for over 365 days and now they are now just being targeted because I'm getting more points than anyone else for answering relevant questions and posting newsworthy items about PB. How ridiculous SAP!

 I am sure that many of the PB Community members have also been treated in this way. If so or you agree with my observations - please write your SAP contacts, SCN, PB product people and complain about this injustice to the PB community. Only with free flowing information about the product and its ecosystem can the PB community thrive. Or is that something that SAP is trying to deliberately undermine (it sure looks like it!)?

Regards ... Chris


  1. Maybe it is time to start an independent discussion and news group? Kenny

  2. Great article Chris

  3. That's very sad, Chris. I had no idea.