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Monday, December 15, 2014

CodeXchange - End of Life

** Sad News **

PowerBuilder CodeXChange

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     The wonderful repository of PowerBuilder demonstration applications, code snippets, examples, utilities, frameworks, etc (aka CodeXchange ... ) has been decommissioned this month by SAP. This was great resource to the PowerBuilder Community for more than a decade! It is so sad that CodeXchange has been removed as it was an extremely valuable learning tool.

   I would personally like to thank all the many contributors over the years from the PowerBuilder realm who uploaded items to CodeXchange. Your efforts were very much appreciated by many, many PB developers!

   I hope that some day soon, SAP will resurrect the CodeXchange content underneath its SCN website for new PB developers to enjoy.

Regards ... Chris


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  1. First they cut off the leg.. one at a time. Next they'll tear apart both hands... then the rest of the bodies before they chop off the head. Good bye PB. I will cherish the wonderful times we had together. RIP.