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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Reporting Studio 2015 - Beta

** Hot News **

Reporting Studio for PowerBuilder

    A new version of Reporting Studio, NRS 2015, will be officially released in the near future. Novays are pleased to announce the start of an NRS 2015 Beta program in a few days that will allow early adopters to investigate the new NRS 2015 features.

Here are some of the new feature highlights:

  • Scheduler: generate your reports automatically (daily/weekly/monthly and so on...)
  • View reports in web browser!
  • A .NET version of the server.
  • Call the Report Maker component from your PB application!
  • Color improvements to Graphs.
  • Support for Cross-tab reports.
  •   - Rules can be based on computed fields
  •   - Rules can include AND and OR operators, in a simple way or in an advanced one
  • Graph plugin in Customization window
  • More functions available in Graph properties
  • Revision of Repository Manager
  • Performance improvement (report editing)
  • Zoom and print options in Report Viewer
  • Retrieval limit

    If you would like to test these new features for the general PB community, please join
Novalys for the Beta program - just click here to apply!

Also ... check out the Worldwide PowerBuilder Survey!

Regards .... Chris

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