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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Enabling Appeon 2015 in Google Chrome

** Hot TECH Tip **

Enabling "Plug-ins" in Chrome v42 or Higher

   The Appeon 2015 Web Brower "plug-in" no longer works in Chrome version 42 and higher without changing the NPAPI settings to re-enable plug-in support. Google have recently disabled the NPAPI plug-in setting on newer installations. Google have a new PPAPI feature for plugins but, Appeon 2015 still uses the former NPAPI feature for the time being.

  To get around this new Google default setting change, you have to re-enable NPAPI as follows:

  • Enter: chrome://flags  in the browser's address bar and hit enter.
  • Search for the Enable NPAPI option (Enables the use of NPAPI plugins) and enable it.  This is located about 10 options down from the top.
  • Select ENABLE.
  • Now restart chrome by scrolling down to the bottom & selecting Relaunch.

Regards ... Chris


  1. It's my understanding that even this workaround will disappear in September. Can this be verified?

  2. Hi Kevin;

    Yes, that seems to be the current rumour from Google for that time frame. If I hear anything more concrete on this issue either from Appeon or Google - I'll try & post an update to this thread ASAP.

    Regards .. Chris

  3. Chris, We are researching PPAPI right now as well as alternate ways to support Google Chrome browser. But I want to point out according to Google PPAPI support in Chrome is only "experimental" right now:

  4. Hi Armeen ... Glad to hear that Appeon is already on top of this! :-)