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Friday, September 4, 2015

PowerBuilder Applications in the new Edge Web Browser!

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PowerBuilder Web Applications

Engage the new Windows10 EDGE Browser!

  The new Edge web browser launched with MS-Windows 10 has a new look & feel and technical architecture. Microsoft is currently planning for the Edge to become the standard browser in the MS-Window line with Internet Explorer eventually being retired.

OrderEntry PowerBuilder application running in the Edge browser!

   Last week, Appeon Corporation released a new version of Appeon Web product housed within its latest maintenance release version of the Appeon 2015 for PowerBuilder software release - MR#328. This new Appeon software version not only included support for the new W10 O/S but also included a hidden gem - Appeon`s first beta support for the Edge web browser. Now PowerBuilder developers can build and deploy their PB Applications to the web and have them run directly in the new Edge web browser using Appeon Web! Just like they can do today utilizing either the: IE, FireFox, Opera, or Chrome web browsers* - utilizing Appeon Web`s "leading edge" (sorry - no pun intended) web technology.

  Since I was testing my Web Service and Integrated Foundation Classes with the new MS-Windows 10 O/S, I decided to engage the Edge browser with my example applications. To my delight, the example OrderEnrtry application built from the STD Integrated framework worked flawlessly the first time running inside the new Edge web browser.

  At this time, Appeon Corporation do not claim that the new Edge browser is "officially" supported. However, their web browser plugin does seem to work very nicely with the Edge in my early testing.  If you would like to get a jump start on testing your Appeon Web based PowerBuilder applications in the new Edge browser, I would highly recommend downloading Appeon for PowerBuilder version 2015.0328.00.

* - please note that Appeon Web still works with the MS-Windows based Safari web browser. However, this browser is no longer supported by Apple and for this reason, Appeon will be discontinuing its plug-in support for this browser in the next release.

Regards ... Chris