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Monday, October 12, 2015

PowerBuilder Roadmap Webcasts - Registration Open!

** Hot News **

    For those of you who are not aware what has been transpiring over the past several months, in the middle of May with SAP announcing it had signed a Memorandum Of Understanding  (MOU) with Appeon. After signing the MOU, Appeon went hard to work to understand what customers want out of PowerBuilder and what is technically feasible. Appeon then put together a vision, technical architecture, and road-map for PowerBuilder, which was the result of months of hard work. They conducted market surveys to thousands of users, held conference calls with hundreds of customers and even had extensive discussions with their most active partners and members of the PowerBuilder community. Appeon even analyzed real-life customer code, some having more than a gigabyte of PBLs of PowerScript code and created numerous proof-of-concepts in Appeon’s labs.

    Appeon has now put together a vision, technical architecture, and road-map for PowerBuilder, which was the result of months of this hard work. If you would like to understand Appeon’s vision and future direction for PowerBuilder you can now sign up for a 5-part Appeon Webcast series! The first Webcast will kick-off on October 29. You can register by following the link below ...

    During the webcasts, Appeon will be communicating their vision, technology, and road-map in a 5-part Webcast series as there is just too much content to communicate and digest in just a one single Webcast. At the end of each Webcast Appeon also wants to give PowerBuilder customers the opportunity to give them feedback, which they will use to fine-tune the detailed technical architecture and road-map. Setting the future of PowerBuilder is a big decision that can affect tens of thousands of companies and you specifically. This is why Appeon are trying to give as many customers as possible a chance to be heard. I strongly urge you to participate in this Webcast series.

Regards ... Chris

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  1. A recording of the PB Vision Webcast along with a FAQ is now available. To gain access please fill out the form at You will receive an email with login credentials to access these materials.

    Also, we hope more of you will participate in the upcoming Webcasts instead of just watching the recording. Your participation is key to shape the future roadmap of PowerBuilder! Thank you for your time and interest.