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Friday, February 26, 2016

Appeon Corporation now selling PB 12.6

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   Over the past year I have read many postings on SAP's PowerBuilder News Group (SCN) about PB developers being either confused or having trouble buying a new copy of PowerBuilder? I just found out this week that  Appeon Corporation is now distributing the SAP version of PowerBuilder 12.6!  If your maintenance subscription has expired and you would like to upgrade to a supported version of PowerBuilder - you can now contact Appeon to get a quotation.  Get a quote
Regards ... Chris


  1. Hi, if Appeon able to distribute PowerBuilder 12.6, are they also authorized for PB license support?


    1. BY "License Support" - if you mean ... Can Appeon also sell you more PB licenses as well. The answer is Yes.

      If you mean ... If I have an issue with a PB License and/or Sysam can I get technical support - then the answer (for now) would be to contact SAP Technical Support.

      In the near future when Appeon takes over I can see two things happening: a) Appeon will release their own Appeon PB product and will support it 100% with no SAP intervention and b) Sysam licensing will be removed from their Appeon PB product.