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Friday, November 3, 2017

PowerBuilder 2018

** Hot News **

PowerBuilder 2018 - Sneak Preview

      Appeon is now working hard on the new PowerBuilder 2018 release for next year. At this years fall 2017 Elevate Conference, Appeon demonstrated to the attendees the new PowerBuilder 2018 the .NET C# Compiler and new C# Web API target now integrated right inside the PowerBuilder IDE! Appeon has just released a video to the public today so that all PB Developers can have a sneak peak at this new "kool" feature. So you too ... can check out this feature coming to PB2018 next year - click here to view! - and also see PB handle the new .NET Core technology as well in stride!

      If you also missed the amazing Elevate 2017 Conference, Appeon has now published the conference materials online on their website for everyone to access. For a full exposure to what you missed at the conference or a recap of the events from the attendee's perspective, please click here!


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