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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

PowerBuilder 2018 Showcase Website

** Hot News **

PowerBuilder 2018


     Appeon has just updated their website with a new area that describes the upcoming PowerBuilder 2018 release in much more detail. This area also allows you to look in more detail at the various PB2018 C# feature implementations and view some actual PB2018 C# code. A great early immersion PB2018 experience!

        Appeon has also created a PB2018 Showcase website as well where you can interact with the various working pieces of the PB2018 feature set. This allows the developer to actually see various PB2018's C# coding that can be accomplished, allow a comparison of features and even compare these to the various C# frameworks in the market place today.

         Take some time to check out the PowerBuilder 2018 showcase and stay tuned for more upcoming information in the months to come. Also, plan to join Appeon at their Elevate 2018 Conference as well to find out more about PowerBuilder 2018 and PowerServer 2018 coming out later this year.


Regards ... Chris

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