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Thursday, September 12, 2019

New Appeon Demo Websites - PowerBuilder & SnapObjects!

** Hot News **

New Appeon DEMO Websites

    Appeon has created two new "demo" websites for PowerBuilder 2019's new .Net Core C# feature sets! Each demo site essentially has three sections, as follows:
  • Homepage - outlines what the feature is and its benefits, and provides links to the community site and documentation.
  •  Performance - these are performance benchmarks against Entity Framework and then directly using ADO.NET without any framework.
  • Demo - the demo section focuses on showing various features of the framework and how you could write the key part of the code in C#.  In the case of .NET DataStore, Appeon also provides you with a PowerScript alternative. So you can see there is not much big difference in syntax between the two implementations.

Website1: PB .Net DataStore

Website2: SnapObjects

For more information on PowerBuilder 2019 in general, check out the main Appeon website!

Regards ... Chris

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