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Friday, December 16, 2022

STD Integrated Framework - 2022R3 released!

  ** Hot News **

  Integrated Foundation Classes (2022R3) Released!

 "THE" Framework for PowerBuilder & PowerServer 2022!

(Framework version 2022.3.0.310 - December 14, 2022)

Framework can now generate a full App dump on demand!

        Software Tool & Die Inc (STD) are very pleased to announce that they have just released a new version of their Integrated Foundation Class library framework 2022R3 (build 2022.3.0.310) exclusively for PowerBuilder 2022 and PowerServer 2022 (Cloud), and InfoMaker 2022 (build 1892) - with new features, enhancements and upgrades!
     STD are also very excited as this release represents another significant enhancement to the Integrated framework that really further exemplifies the power of the Appeon PowerBuilder 2022 build 1892 development environment! The updated framework combined with the current PowerBuilder and/or PowerServer products, positions developers to take advantage of today's Agile and DevOps methodologies. Plus it further enhances a newer GUI "punch" in your Native and Cloud based Apps without buying expensive add-on products. Especially, since the framework is free!

     For a summary of the previous framework version's new & revised features for 2021 through 2022, please follow these links - 2021R5, 2022R1  and 2022R2. Note that STD has now released 3 new versions of the Integrated framework in 2022 and 5 releases in 2021. 
STD also has more features planned for the Integrated framework in the 2023 year time frame!
   The following are some of the key highlights of the new 2022R3 Integrated Foundation Class library for Appeon PowerBuilder 2022 build 1892, as follows:
  • Removed  all object classes related to their system classes that were removed in PB2022
  • Refactored external API's to conform to C++ v 2019 used in PB 2022.
  • Updated code to be W10 and W11 version 22H2 compliant
  • Updated the framework to support the new PB built-in GetInstalledRuntimes() method

Debug now shows all instantiated NVUO's & their Parent!

Debug now shows all Windows with their current active status!

     The latest Integrated framework version contains the following updates and has been tested with the latest MS-Windows 10 O/S (22H2 build 19045.2364), MS-Windows 11 O/S (22H2 build 22621.963), PB 2022 build 1892 and the PowerServer 2022 build #1.3.0. Testing inside of PB included Win32 (both P-code & M-code) and Win64 (P-code) deployments. Testing inside of PowerClient and PowerServer included both 32bit and 64bit deployments.

Note: All the STD frameworks are free and can be downloaded from its STD Foundation Classes SourceForge project website and licensed under Apache 2.0 open source.

Release 2022.3.0.310 - Major Release (2022R3) - change highlights ...  

  1. Migrated the framework from being based on PB2021 MR Build 1509 to PB 2022 Build 1892
  2. Refactored external API's to conform to C++ v 2019 used in PB 2022
  3. Updated code to be W10 and W11 version 22H2 compliant
  4. Updated the framework to support the new PB built-in GetInstalledRuntimes() method
  5. Added code to log the App computer's USB drives when in DEBUG mode
  6. Revised "nc_app_controller_master" to rename the method "of_os_get_version" to "of_get_os_version".
  7. Added support for the built-in GPF() method for TRY..CATCH testing
  8. Revised base window classes to "Bring to Top" to allow them open in the Foreground
  9. Revised "vc_master" to display a MessageBox to the developer for non-FC objects being present (if run from the IDE). Prior version only logged this state.
  10. Revised "wn_log_master" to resort the log list for the proper date/time sequence after a Filter()  command was executed.
  11. Revised code to be PB 2022 MR01 fix compliant.
  12. Removed more Appeon Mobile & Appeon Web code (framework is now 1M smaller than PB2019 versions)
  13. Added base ancestor classes for the new: PDFDocument, PDFModel & PDFSecurity object classes
    • Note: More PDF classes will be added in PB2022 R2 when PDF feature moves from Beta to a GA release

      The OrderEntry example application and the Integrated Framework's Documentation has also been updated to the new Integrated Foundation class 2022R3 framework version. You can download the example application from here. Also, check out the online "getting started" video series to accelerate your assimilation of the best framework for PowerBuilder & PowerServer (Cloud) applications!
Visual Expert's STD Framework Summary Analysis

   STD would also like to thank Novalys Corporation for their support of the Foundation Classes by supplying the VisualExpert product for the framework's documentation. 

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