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Sunday, August 22, 2010

STD Foundation Classes for Appeon 6.2

** Hot News **

    Software Tool & Die Inc is pleased to announce that they have released a new version of their STD Foundation Classes for the production version of Appeon 6.2. This release is based on the STD framework using PowerBuilder11.5.1 build 4011. PowerBuilder developers can now enjoy this superior framework for their mission critical applications allowing them to deploy either JSP or ASP.Net based web server environments. In the mean time, Appeon will supercharge your Web deployed applications assisted by the STD FC's lightweight performance architecture!

      The STD Foundation Classes are a free business and productivity framework for now Appeon, InfoMaker, EAServer, PocketBuilder, and PowerBuilder that support .Net Assemblies, WebForm, WinForn, Win32, WPF and now JSP/ASP deployment as well. For those developers who have an ISUG membership at either the Gold or Green  level - you can download the full development version of Appeon 6.2 for free as well.

STD FC Release 6.2 Changes ... August 22, 2010)

1)  Migrated PB FC's version 11.5.1 to work with Appeon version 6.2
2)  Changed unsupported PB methods to Appeon equivalent
3) Changed INI file values to align with Appeon
4) Added Appeon WorkAround library
5) Tested framework with OrderEntry sample application

    Along with the new framework for Appeon 6.2, there is also new example OrderEntry application that uses the Appeon aligned STD Foundation Classes to aid in the learning and testing experience. Both the new Appeon based STD framework and the OrderEntry sample application have been uploaded to the SourceForge website (click here). Select "View All Files" at the main project page and the look for the new Appeon folder.

Enjoy .... Chris!


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