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Friday, August 20, 2010

ISUG - PB 12 Extended to Memebers Benefits

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ISUG Uses TechWave 2010 To Extend Member Services Benefits With Fully Functional Trial Version of Sybase PowerBuilder 12

Washington, D.C., August 9, 2010 – The International Sybase User Group, a trade association representing more than six thousand members in more than sixty countries around the globe, announced today at the Sybase TechWave user conference that ISUG Green and Gold Members are now eligible to receive a one-year, fully functional trial version of PowerBuilder 12 as part of their member benefits.

Central to ISUG's membership services remit is the responsibility to use the organization's proximity to and close relationship with Sybase itself to provide tangible user benefits that far outweigh the cost of the group's membership subscription charge.

In return, ISUG stands open to receive member feedback on the products and services that users themselves feel they need additional support with. Be in terms of training, guidance from Sybase evangelists, user group meetings or access to actual products, ISUG constantly strives to exceed its members expectations.

"Our members have been waiting patiently for this new benefit and we're extremely pleased to be able to offer it to them with immediate effect," commented ISUG President, Bryan Enochs. "This new benefit allows our members to experiment with PowerBuilder 12 at their own pace, something that is extremely important as it enables full exploration of all of the features and functionality that this eagerly awaited release contains."

"We are seeing more and more PowerBuilder developers attending our user group meetings," said Mike Harrold, Executive Director for ISUG. "This confirms to us that PowerBuilder is not only still widely accepted within the IT world, but that it is also a growing developer marketplace. We hope that this shows continued commitment to the Sybase user community from both ISUG and Sybase."



  1. This is a great news but ISUG's benifits list does not yet reflect this benifit. Any expected date or criteria?

  2. Correct ... ISUG cannot yet advertise this on the website as they are waiting for final signoff by Sybase legal. I understand that this is just a formality at this point. I would imagine that Sybase's legal department though has been swamped with work for the SAP merger. Hopefully, we will see this soon on the ISUG website.
    In the meantime, you have to complete a legal form for ISUG for PB 12. You might want to contact Mike Harrold the Ex. Director for ISUG and get that part done now so that you are ready to go.