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Thursday, July 26, 2012

PowerBuilder Videos

** Hot News **
Free PowerBuilder Tutorials on YouTube!

   SAP / Sybase's PowerBuilder Technical Evangelist John Strano has created a new YouTube area called SAPPowerBuilder where John has played a key role in defining and building content for this new "how to" series of PowerBuilder video education series vignettes!

   The new YouTube area already boasts various videos like ...

  • How to use DataWindow expressions to dynamically manipulate DataWindow property values at run-time
  • How to have multiple DataWindows share a single set of data buffers", "An overview of the three child DataWindow utilizations; Composite DataWindows, Nested Reports and DropDownDataWindows (DDDWs)
  • A demonstration and discussion of Data Intelligence in DataWindow technology within PowerBuilder
  • How to create your first DataWindow Object.
   If you are new to the PowerBuilder world or an experienced PB developer that wants to refresh your knowledge or learn about features that have changed in recent PowerBuilder releases - this free video area might just be the ticket! John also plans to release more videos soon - so make sure that you revisit the area often to see what's new.

   For more information or to watch the videos - please follow this link to SAPPowerBuilder!

Bio: John Strano is a Sybase Technology Evangelist and a charter member of TeamSybase. He has been using PowerBuilder since 1991 and has authored articles for multiple industry periodicals. John has presented Sybase tools on an international basis since 1997. Over the last 15 years John has developed a variety of PowerBuilder applications from single-user scaling up to enterprise-class, web-based projects.

Regards ... Chris

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