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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

SQL Power Tools

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New ISUG Partner!

Cheyenne, Wyoming – Sql Power Tools (SPT), the industry leader in Zero Impact database monitoring, today announced the release of: 

Stealth Bottleneck (wait type) and End-user Experience Database Monitor 

PRESS RELEASE May 17, 2012:
Stealth Bottleneck (wait type) and End-user Experience Database Monitor:
TheServer Bottleneck and End-user Experience Database Monitor performs agentless monitoring of wait types, wait times, I/O bottlenecks, end-user response time, SQL performance, performance counters, blocking and SQL jobs. The wait types (600+ that a database server posts) causing SQL statements and stored procedures to not complete on a timely basis due to resource contention or being queued due to a lack of available resources are monitored. Wait type wait times are tracked by SQL statement, stored procedure, wait type, database and the end-user client. Reducing SQL wait time -> reduces end-user response time -> improves server throughput. In most cases this can eliminate an expensive and unnecessary hardware upgrade. In two mouse clicks the resource that SQL is waiting on can be viewed.

Zero Impact Sql Capture Agent (free):
Each Server Bottleneck and End-user Experience Database Monitor license includes a free Zero Impact Sql Capture Agent license. It non-intrusively sniffs the SQL packet flow. 100% of the SQL activity is captured with the complete SQL text, bind parameters and end-user response time. It has a low 1% overhead and does not connect to the monitored server. It is similar to a ZERO impact SQL profiler or trace facility. In 24 hours it can pinpoint every poor performing SQL request with 100% accuracy. Agent usage is optional, install the agent at any time. It allows any form of production server change to be precisely measured since the end-user response time before and after a change can be accurately measured. For example hardware upgrades, configuration changes, index changes, SQL code changes, implementation of new software releases, etc.

For more information, follow this link: SQL Power Tools

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