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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Appeon Mobile - Beta 2.0

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Appeon Mobile - Beta 2.0

    Appeon Mobile Beta 2.0 will be released on February 6, 2013! Some new features that have been added since Beta 1.0 are: support for iOS SDK, printing, file functions, retina support, auto-resizing, and much more!  If you are not already signed up for the Appeon Mobile beta but would still like to join the beta program, please sign-up here:

Here are some highlights ....

PowewrBuilder related features:

  • EditMask control is supported.
  • Two system functions: Print and File, are supported.
  • Key events for EditMask, SingleLineEdit and MultiLineEdit are supported.
  • Print function for DataWindow control is supported.
  • DragIcon property for all controls is supported.

Mobile API:

  • Manipulate the various features of Appeon WorkSpace, such as the AWS orientation, the title bar, the assistive touch bar, the log, the project information, the version number etc.
  • Camera - Captures or views a photo using the device’s camera.
  • Connection - Obtains the network state and connection type.
  • Device - Obtains the device specific information, such as the device type, the device DPI/PPI, the OS version, the device’s memory, the device’s OS, the screen resolution, etc.
  • Media - Plays a media file using the device’s media player.
  • Notification - Sends a notification to the notification bar.
  • Recorder - Records an audio using the device’s recorder or opens the recorder library.

Platform features:

  • Supports MySQL database
  • Supports HANA database
  • Supports WebSphere Application Server Community Edition
  • Supports SAP NetWeaver Application Server

Appeon WorkSpace:

  • Import projects: supports importing an Appeon WorkSpace configuration file that will automatically configure the Project Name and URL for multiple projects.
  • Run multiple apps: supports running multiple apps in the background at the same time.
  • Logs: provides configurations for recording logs, clearing logs, and sending logs of a particular app via email.
  • Default project: supports to set one app as a default app. If the app is set as the default app the app will be automatically launched when the Appeon WorkSpace is opened.
  • Connection delay: provides the option to set the connection delay time. If the connection cannot be established within the specified time the users will be prompted.
  • Multi-Language: provides the option to configure a preferred language for the Appeon
  • WorkSpace UI. Only English is available right now, other languages, such as Japanese, will be added in the future releases.
  • View in landscape and portrait: supports to view Appeon WorkSpace in landscape and in portrait on iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad mini, iPhone 4/4S, and iPhone 5.
  • New look and layout for Appeon WorkSpace!


  • Retina display: option to enable/disable Retina support on iOS devices. When enabled, the UI including controls, text, and images, will not be scaled. As a result, the application will look very crisp at the expense of higher memory.
  • Client log: configures the client-side log settings, including log mode and file size limit.
  • Auto-resize: defines rules for automatically resizing the mobile application UI to fit various screen sizes and orientations (portrait or landscape) or uses Appeon’s default rules.

Appeon Developer:

  • Appeon WorkSpace Simulator: supports running apps in simulator of Appeon WorkSpace for both iPad and iPhone devices.
  • Code Insight: accurately displays unsupported/supported features when writing dot notation in the script editor.
  • Feature Analyzer: produces a report that accurately lists unsupported features.
  • Config Wizard: a wizard that walks you through all the steps to configure your mobile project.

Appeon Mobile .... Tablet and SmartPhone development for PowerBuilder "on steroids"!   :-)

Regards ...Chris

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