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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Infomaker - Is NOT Dead!

** Hot News **

   Don't panic, the Infomaker product is not dead. Even though its currently listed as no longer sold on the Sybase website, apparently it is still alive and well in the SAP background and should resurface soon!

   According to SAP technical evangelist John Strano and product Manager Sue Dunnell this is what happened ...

"On the product roster on Sybase's Website, there is an incorrect posting that InfoMaker has been discontinued. This is a significant clerical error. The product is not EOL’d, it’s in transition over to the SAP price book come March 1. Our apologies for any upset this error on our part has caused."

 Regards ... Chris


  1. So it's been a year now, and I can't find a trace of Infomaker on SAP's site. I have asked our support contacts and get repeatedly passed along to someone else, who "will get back to" me. Not promising, IMO.

    Becky Snyder
    Bradley University

  2. Hi Becky;

    It just came out on the SAP "price book" last week! So apparently, IM is still alive in the background somewhere at SAP! Being in the price book means that at least you can now officially buy it.

    Thus far, PB 15 is in beta since December 2013 - but, no sign of an IM v15 that I have heard of. I am sure though that eventually, IM will appear on the SAP website and in the beta stream. Unfortunately, waiting for SAP to do something is like molasses flowing in February here in Canada! So patience is certainly a virtue when dealing with SAP. :-)

    Regards ... Chris

  3. Thanks Chris, that is a good bit of news. I was very disappointed when Infomaker was not part of SQL Anywhere v16 release. It has been included as far back as I can recall. It might be too much to wish it will be include in future SQLA releases.