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Saturday, February 23, 2013


** Hot News **

 SCM for PowerBuilder

  Roland Smith of TopWiz Software has just released an updated version of his WizSource source code management system for PowerBuilder!  The new version is 2.2.8 and it was released on  February 21, 2013. Please see the WizSource website for more information and how to download the software (please follow this link to WizSource ).

  WizSource is all written in PowerBuilder and is available in PB version 10 and PB version 10.5 builds. If you plan on using it with PowerBuilder, you must use a build that is a different version from the PowerBuilder IDE you are currently using. If you are using PB 10, you must use the PB 10.5 build and vice-versa. If you are using it with PowerBuilder .Net, MS Visual Studio or some other SCC API enabled tool, you can use either build.

  Note: A single user can use WizSource for free without any restrictions or time limits.

Regards ... Chris

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