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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Web Service Framework

** Hot News **

PB Classic Web Service Framework

    Software Tool & Die Inc are please to announce the release of their new STD Foundation Classes for IIs (STD FC IIs). The new IIs framework is solely targeted to helping PowerBuilder Classic developers, develop .Net based Web Services deployed to IIs. The new IIs based framework  - while taking advantage of RAD techniques - employes an MVC (Model, View, Controller) architecture for superior performance, flexibility and extendability. All the STD frameworks are free and can be downloaded from its STD Foundation Classes SourceForge project website.

    The Web Service framework while greatly improving the PB developer's productivity also includes these types of features to help with RAD based projects:
  • Helps the PB developer to Implement "stateless" programming
  • Does DBMS transaction management automatically
  • Manages DataStores for you automatically
  • Manages DB updates for you automatically
  • Facilitates  MVC design & programming
  • Provides Encryption / Decryption servicesProvides extended numerical services (ie: And / Or / Xor / Xand / etc features to PowerScript
  • Provides Result Set generation for any data
  • Provides HTML generation for any data
  • Allows STMP eMail generation
  • and much more!

    The STD IIs FC's are a port of the EAServer version - originally designed from the PocketPC code-line - with a hybrid adaptation of Web.PB and ASP/ alignment. The interesting thing about these classes is the "small" footprint and exceptional speed at which it operates. On one IIs Server, where every CPU cycle is precious, the FC's have proven heir worth. Now you can enjoy a  "Light" version of the PFC without the heavy learning curve or high compile overhead. The STD IIs FC's will compile to less than 80K (PBD form) compared to nearly 12M for the Sybase PFC's which can not even be used within IIs for Web Services!

   The IIs version of the framework is also complimented by its PB Classic versions for the Win32, Winform and WebForm application platforms plus the Appeon Web & Mobile application platforms as well! This fully extends a "consistent" framework approach to the web browser, tablets, smartphones, and native windows client applications that can now fully utilize PB based web services back end NVUO's in an n-tier archtecture. This allows PB Classic developers to be productive in all of these above mentioned technology areas!
Example application running in Appeon Web consuming NVUO Web Service

   Along with the IIs based framework, STD has released a sample "Web Service" application housed in the Appeon Mobile section. The WS Test application demonstrates a) an actual example MVC web service NVUO built from the FC's that deploys to IIs - plus, b) a PB Win32, Winform client that comsumes the WS and that can also be deployed to Appeon Web or Appeon Mobile to demonstrate its interaction from those environments as well.

Example application running on my actual iPhone accessing WS NVUO

  This marks another mile stone for me as an original Beta tester on PB Alpha release 0.8 (Nov 1989) to PB 12.1.x and now 12.5.x in 2013 without missing a Beta cycle. Please enjoy the STD IIs FC's for PB web services ... I hope you find them as fun to use as I had in building them!  :-)

Regards   ... Chris

Chris Pollach (Author STD FC's)
President - Software Tool & Die Inc.
aka: Great White North Technical Evangelist ("Power" ON!)

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